Our Story

Talentwize began as an internal tool, designed and developed to help us know, grow and retain the skills of our global workforce through validated skills assessments, personalized learning journeys, and career paths.


Helping organizations thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping our economic and social lives. New products and services are launching all the time. As the world tries to adapt to this new digital era, we are left with a digital skills shortage. There are simply not enough people with the required skills to fill positions and employees who lack a clear career path can easily find another role elsewhere.

To meet the demands of our digital era, organizations need to grow from within the skills they need for current and future roles. They need employees who want to learn and grow with the business, creating a reliable pool of talent that evolves with the changing needs of the company. They also need to identify the skills gaps between current and future states, while identifying which employees have the ideal profile to upskill and reskill to specific roles.


How it all started

Our companies across YNV Tech Talent faced the same challenges as many other enterprises. They needed to grow talent from within to address skills gaps, while retaining key talent by showing them career growth opportunities. Nothing existed that could do all of that in one place, so we created it.

As we saw the impact of Talentwize on our end-to-end talent lifecycle management strategy, we began to offer it to our clients, giving them data-driven insights into their digital skilling and employability investments.

Talentwize helps organizations know, grow, and retain talent to succeed in the digital age.


Global Stats

  • 6K+ Learners
  • 4K+ Assessments completed
  • 30K+ Career paths defined
  • 10+ Locations
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