Global Digital Skilling

Talentwize is a product of elev8, the leading tech educational partner for enterprise and governments.


The Digital Skilling Revolution

The evolving digital economy demands a new way of working. Enterprises and governments worldwide risk falling behind as they face critical digital skill gaps in their workforce.

What’s the solution? Transformational upskilling and educational initiatives, that meet the needs of today, and tomorrow. Elev8 helps enterprises and governments around the globe embrace the digital age.



The Case for Digital Skilling

  • 1 billion jobs worldwide will be transformed by technology by 2030 (OECD). 
  • 50% of all employees will need digital reskilling by 2025 (WEF). 
  • 65% of C-level executives worldwide say that the best workforce strategy is upskilling and reskilling current employees (WEF). 


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