Unlock Maximum Value From Your Employability And Skilling Initiatives

Talentwize helps you uncover long-term impact through accurate tracking and robust metrics

Understanding Your Needs

We understand the need of government bodies and skilling organizations to measure the success and long-term positive impact of their skilling initiatives. Having access to transparent and rich data is key for accurate reporting and securing the investment required to carry out critical work for existing and future programs.

The Challenge


Only short-term impact is measured through events immediately after the skilling program, eg. number of candidates trained and of those successful candidates that have taken up jobs.


Investors rarely get to see or measure the longer-term impact that the initiative has had on a person, business, or community over a two- to five-year period and beyond, illustrating deeper, sustainable development.


Makes it harder to argue for future investment and make informed decisions relating to the direction of programs.

By demonstrating long-term positive impact of a skilling program with robust metrics, you can:

Unlock future investment

Increase effectiveness of future programs

Boost sustainable development

The Solution

The Talentwize platform provides detailed insights into the longer-term impact of education programs. The solution follows individual candidates not only through their initial learning journey, but also tracks their career path from gaining employment to any subsequent moves. It also helps determine the multiplier effect of skilling initiatives by establishing which candidates went on to create companies and generate further employment opportunities

Having Access to This Data
  • Shows longer-term impact which further strengthens the case for future investment

  • Meets expectations around data transparency

  • Better meets the needs around evaluation reporting

In Turn This
  • Ensures the alignment of strategies and activities to support better career opportunities for graduates and citizens

  • Provides better opportunities for start-ups that offer long term job security

  • Determines the success and scale of different initiatives and provides valuable insights for similar programs across the world.

  • Allows government bodies and skilling organizations to share these rich insights with the wider international community

How Talentwize Works

Talentwize provides insights that show the impact of employability programs to address multiple stakeholder interests.

For each skilling initiative

Know the employability rate following graduation

Track promotions and professional growth journey of candidates

Identify candidates that created companies and hired more candidates resulting in a compound effect

Share insights and data across delivery partners for continuous improvement of programs and initiatives

See the longevity of employment for candidates over future years

Identify when candidates change jobs or leave the workforce

Know the long-term return on investment and report with accurate employment data

For delivery partners

Support candidates in their learning journey

Identify skills gaps and where candidates need support or additional training

Track time to competency

For potential employers

Provide details of candidates ready for employment with the right level of skill and knowledge.

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