Grow Your People

Having personalized learning journeys is the biggest step in effective talent management.


With Talentwize

Talentwize enables you to create customized learning paths that match the needs of the individual with those of the organization.

Managers can ensure new hires are able to reach competency in the fastest time by addressing their individual learning needs and skills gaps. While HR teams can identify people across the company who show the fastest growth and are ready for promotion.


Performance Insights

Real-Time Competency Reports

Core data to inform decisions about team structure when new competencies are required by the business.


Upskilling Initiative Tracking

Monitoring of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to ensure on-going improvement in competency levels.


Learning ROI Reports

Dashboards to quantify how learning impacts actual employee performance and to justify additional investment.


Continuous Learning Journeys

Personalized Learning

Learning paths that automatically select the most effective training to address an individual’s skills gaps in line with their career path.


Customizable Learning Paths

‘Build-your-own’ learning plans with training based on manager or peer feedback.


Just-in-Time Learning

Bite-sized learning content that helps individuals solve difficult challenges faster.


Frequent Asked Questions

We’ve prepared an FAQ to answer the most anticipated questions from customers.

Where is data stored and how is it secured?

Customer data is stored in Microsoft AZURE data centers. Our data storage policy is location-agnostic, ensuring we can assist our customers in maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks and requirements and to manage data sovereignty issues if required by geographic restriction and location.

Data is encrypted at rest using AES 256 bit encryption and in transit via TLS1.2+. The encrypted Customer data is regularly backed up in AZURE facilities.

Does Talentwize support Single sign on?

Yes, Talentwize supports single sign on authentication that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password.

Can I create / update my own assessment and learning?

Yes, Talentwize enables you to create your own learning hub, courses, and skills assessments that align to your employees individual career journeys.

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