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Talentwize enables you to create customized learning paths that match the needs of the individual with those of the organization.

Managers can ensure new hires are able to reach competency in the fastest time by addressing their individual learning needs and skills gaps. While HR teams can identify people across the company who show the fastest growth and are ready for promotion.

Reports and Tracking

Performance Insights

Real-Time Competency Reports

Core data to inform decisions about team structure when new competencies are required by the business.

Upskilling Initiative Tracking

Monitoring of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to ensure on-going improvement in competency levels.

Learning ROI Reports

Dashboards to quantify how learning impacts actual employee performance and to justify additional investment.

Learning Paths

Continuous Learning Journeys

Personalized Learning

Learning paths that automatically select the most effective training to address an individual’s skills gaps in line with their career path.

Customizable Learning Paths

‘Build-your-own’ learning plans with training based on manager or peer feedback.

Just-in-Time Learning

Bite-sized learning content that helps individuals solve difficult challenges faster.

Our Solution

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Know Your People

Know Your People

Having validated skills levels is the crucial first step towards better talent management.

Retain Your People

Retain Your People

Having transparent career journeys is an essential requirement in differentiated talent management.


Frequent Asked Questions

We’ve prepared an FAQ to answer the most anticipated questions from customers.

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Talentwize is part of elev8, the leading digital skilling partner for enterprises and governments, enabling organizations and individuals to excel in the digital economy through transformational skills, learning and employability programs at scale.

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