IT & Tech Support Leaders’ Guide to Developing Talent

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Is your company ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the trends of digitalization, automation, and increased reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT) have accelerated dramatically. The skills and expertise needed to survive this transition smoothly were already in short supply before the pandemic, but with its widespread disruption, their value has skyrocketed. 

Wize recently teamed up with Kepner-Tregoe to host an insightful webinar featuring our CEO Aileen Allkins and Christoph Goldenstern, VP of Innovation and Service Excellence at Kepner-Tregoe. 

Our speakers first shared their firsthand insights into the development of top tech talent and provided practical tips on how business leaders can create clear skilling career paths and programs to grow internal talent and meet the digital skills gap.

Talent is the key to success in the Digital Age 

Companies now face a dilemma of massive demand for already scarce skill classes, but that needn’t turn into a catastrophe if organizations are willing to embrace and heavily invest in internal talent development.  

In fact, 41% of workers globally considered quitting their job or changing their profession, according to a global Microsoft survey from 2021.  

The impact of increased attrition requires tech leaders to rethink their approach to growing and retaining top talent. And 94% of employees agree to stay longer if their employer invests in training and development programs. 

Future-proof your business by investing in your employees 

A new holistic learning model is needed, and Aileen and Christoph outline the key distinctions of this approach in the webinar including: 

  • The value of ongoing coaching. 
  • The need for a clear visual representation of how skills development correlates with career progression. 
  • How investing in employee education reduces attrition and recruitment costs. 
  • The need to integrate new skills and skill applications with existing processes and systems. 

Our Presenters 

With a combined 50 years of experience, Aileen and Christoph were present at the beginning when digitization was still considered revolutionary. Having worked in the trenches with all sizes of enterprises from young start-ups to mammoth organizations, there is little they haven’t seen. 

Take advantage of Aileen and Christoph’s deep expertise and learn how to develop and retain top talent in the digital age. 

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