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Talentwize’s assessment tools give you a complete view of the skills breakdown within your organization.

See skills by subject or role and plan for the future. Quickly identify any skills gaps. See who could be trained to fill them. And uncover who is right for new projects and roles. 

Managers get comprehensive insights into the people within their teams. While HR teams can monitor the ‘value by performance’ of individuals across the board.

Dashboards and reports

Dynamic reporting

Skills Gaps Reports

Dynamic views of skills gaps relative to current and future positions at an individual, team, location or any other dimension.

Time-to-Competency Reports

Easy ways to identify the upskilling initiatives that will have the biggest impact on workforce metrics.

Assessment Reliability Reports

Employee performance data to fine-tune your assessments and training content to improve skills.

Skills Assessments

Onboarding talent

Technical Skills Assessments

Skills assessments to validate technical capabilities and fast-track onboarding.

Power Skills Assessments

Behavioral assessments that objectively validate soft skills. 

Personalized Onboarding

An onboarding process personalized for individuals based on any skills gaps identified by the assessment tools.


Clear development

Validated Skills Matrix

Accurately reflects individual skills levels to create a level playing field for all.

Personalized Development

Targeted training to speed up development, with additional resources from the content library.

Transparent Skills Requirements

Visually tracks progress towards the employee’s next career position with suggestions for assessment and training to close any skills gaps.

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Grow Your People

Grow Your People

Having personalized learning journeys is the biggest step in effective talent management.

Retain Your People

Retain Your People

Having transparent career journeys is an essential requirement in differentiated talent management.


Frequent Asked Questions

We’ve prepared an FAQ to answer the most anticipated questions from customers.

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