Retain Your People

Having transparent career journeys is an essential requirement in differentiated talent management.


With Talentwize

Our solution allows you to take a proactive approach to career growth, providing clear learning paths for employees to follow and achieve their goals.

Managers can encourage individuals to upskill or reskill through micro and self-directed learning. While HR teams can take significant steps towards reducing high attrition rates.


Continual monitoring

Career Pathing Tools

Intuitive ways to view complex job matrices and progression paths to align with new strategic priorities.


Readiness-to-Progress Reports

Tracking of top performers using performance-vs-tenure to identify those ready for their next role.


People-at-Risk Reports

Follow people at risk of leaving (or stuck in-role) to focus attention on retaining top performers.


Transparent career paths

Transparent Career Progress

The company’s default career progression with clear requirements for each step.


Custom Career Paths

Simple ways to explore future vertical or horizontal career moves.


Internal Mobility Options

Notifications for new roles that align with the person’s career path.


Frequent Asked Questions

We’ve prepared an FAQ to answer the most anticipated questions from customers.

Where is Talentwize hosted?

Talentwize is hosted in the Microsoft Azure platform and is delivered from the customer azure tenant, which mean you have full control of your system. If you are not using Azure, Wize can host it on it’s own azure tenant.

Can Talentwize connect to my current systems such as HRIS, LMS and others?

The Talentwize platform offers multiple integration points including file uploads, data exports via data base queries and API integrations.

Is Talentwize GDPR compliant?

Wize Solutions is committed to meeting all GDPR or other specific data protection requirements and will co-ordinate with Clients and our internal team to address requests such as Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR). Talentwize is fully compliant with GDRP.

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